mehryl levisse



mehryl levisse


blink magazine (chine)

juillet 2012

text by kim aram





Comment ça va Mehryl Levisse? Introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you for a living?

I'm not just a photographer, I'm a French young artist which use photography like track of a situation which appended in my workshop. I created the environment in which the body and the place are one.


Where were you born? And where are you based?

I was born in Charleville-Mézières, the city known for the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. It's a small city in the north of France. I'm based between north of France, Paris and Casablanca in Morocco. Right now, I have my own workshop at a little village of Raillicourt, just next to Charleville-Mézières. I'm represented by the gallery Coullaud & Koulinsky in Paris.


Tell me about your background and how you got into photography.

My parents were photographers. I always was interested in types of art. Photography is just a basic form of creative expression for me, I could use video, drawing or anything else.


Can you talk a bit about some of your work over the years?

In my early works, I looked for existing places, suitable as settings for the constraints within which I wished to put the body. Then I eventually ended up creating the spaces that I needed. I'm someone who produces and destroys a lot, and I consider that what I choose to show, what goes out my workshop is of quality.


How do you see the relationship between object, Image and photo in your works?

My photos are not retouched by computers. They are authentic and are not worked again by software after the situation in the workshop. All which is presented in the image to exist, took place at some point. And it is very important for me not to present works which would be forged.


Are there any photographers you admire, or artists that inspire your work?

I rarely love photographers and their work. I like very much artists of another medium such as performers or choreographers as Matthew Barney, Hassan Darsi, Maguy Marin, Ron Athey.


What are you attracted you?

I'm attracted by the contemporary dance, the boom by Oscar Wilde, the Casablanca city and the Freak show. I wish to discover the world, to feed on various cultures and to live in various cities as Brussels, Geneva, New York, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Budapest, Moscow.


What cameras / film do you use?

The camera which I use is a basic reflex Canon. My photography is simply a track of the action produced with the body and the place creates. But I am soon going to buy a professional reflex to be able to re-transcribe with more details the situations made in workshop.


Any future projects?

I'm soon going to realize a series in Morocco by using of the furniture, clothes and objects outcomes of the Moroccan culture. I work at present on the shamanism and I'm going to pursue my searches to produce another one or two works on this theme. I also have projects, of works in volume, in particular a car which I hope for it will be born before the end of year 2012. Besides I will continue to put a lot into the Gallery BALAK, the temporary gallery of contemporary art which I created in 2011 and the next exhibition which will take place in October, 2012 in France.