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all of them have a promised

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greylight projects

a visual art exhibition in the public space of heerlen

heerlen / pays-bas / 27.03.2021 - 18.04.2021

commissaires joséphine kaeppelin, wouter huis


la riposte de l'édredon

captation photographique

dimensions variables


crédit photo © wouter huis






All of them have a promise : an exhibition with works of ten international visual artists on billboards throughout Heerlen. Stichting Greylight Projects is organising a billboard campaign throughout the city of Heerlen for the fourth time. The billboards from the last election are used for this. After the choice follows the art. This unique project is an ideal opportunity to discover the work of contemporary artists in a very democratic way, especially in these times with all the restrictive measures. The large-scale works of art reach everyone on the road.


Greylight Projects brings together ten international artists (from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany) for this exhibition in Heerlen's public space. The invited artists have been asked to show their art outside the regular context on a large billboard throughout the city.


The exhibition All of them have a promise is part of the programme #mappingheerlen. Our aim is to bring people into contact with each other and with art through #mappingheerlen and to build bridges with different parties and domains. The map can provide a space to draw attention to various initiatives taking place in Heerlen. The map will be available online as a website and in an occasional printed version.

It is our ambition to make art in the public space more visible and bring it to the attention and to contribute to this. We want to do this by making a map. With this map we want to explore the area and make visible what is already there in Heerlen in terms of visual art in the public space and highlight other hidden places. We ask all artists involved in the programme of Greylight Projects to contribute to #mappingheerlen and to add their points of interest.


Greylight Projects is a platform for art and culture that was founded more than 10 years ago, in 2009, in Hoensbroek (NL). It focuses on supporting artists in their research and practice by facilitating, producing and/or organising events.

Greylight Projects is currently developing a new space for contemporary art practice in a former school building in Heerlen. This location consists of six studios for visual artists, a residency space, a workshop, a garden and a multifunctional space called "le salon".

Greylight Projects is open to culture and alternatives in a broader sense. For example, Greylight Projects is the pick-up point of the 'Buurderij Heerlen' ( an alternative way of distributing local products and cooperates with initiatives in the neighbourhood.

Greylight Projects is currently run by the artists Wouter Huis (NL) and Joséphine Kaeppelin (FR). They organise projects in cooperation with other artists and makers.

In the past 10 years Greylight Projects organised a multitude of artistic projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. Greylight Projects has participated in off-fairs or cultural events such as the Dutch Moutain Film Festival, the Cultura Nova festival Heerlen (NL), the Others Art Fair in Turin (IT), Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm (SE), Far off in Cologne or Poppositions in Brussels (BE).

For 2021, the programme and activities of Greylight Projects are supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the city of Heerlen & all artists involved.




Thomas Bernardet, Ellis Driessen, Emile Hermans, Claude Horstmann,

Wouter Huis, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Mikail Koçak, Nieke Lemmens,

Mehryl Levisse and Famke Storms.